Subject: Re: NetBSD on IRC?
To: Evaldo Gardenali <>
From: Volkmar Seifert <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 04/30/2007 09:03:57
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Hello out there,

> irc:// (#netbsd on aka

just to provide another good, friendly and helpful channel:

#netbsd on IRCnet

This as well is not intended to provide ammo for a flame-war, but to prov=
ide variety. In
my experience, it is not _one_ channel, but the selection of several good=
 channels, which
bring solutions to the problems that can arise, not to forget that usuall=
y the same
discussion bears differents fruits in different channels, because of diff=
erent people with
 different insights, opponions, etc.


MfG / best regards
	Volkmar Seifert

 "Programming today is a race between software developers, striving to
  build bigger and better idiot proof software, and the Universe, trying
  to produce bigger and better idiots.
  So far, the Universe is winning."

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