Subject: Re: help interpreting SCSI errors
To: Louis Guillaume <>
From: Jeff Quast <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 04/27/2007 14:16:31
On 4/27/07, Louis Guillaume <> wrote:
>    SENSE KEY:  Media Error
>     ASC/ASCQ:  Read Retries Exhausted
> raid1: IO Error.  Marking /dev/sd1a as failed.

> The drive does not show any grown defects. I wonder if there may have
> been a raidframe or filesystem or driver issue that could have caused this.

I would definitly rule raidframe and filesystem issues out. This
happened below either of those layers. This is most definitly a
hardware defect: "Media Error".

Some error codes over interfaces abstracted as scsi (usb, for
instance) I take more lightly. If this is a real scsi disk, then the
error is what it is.