Subject: Re: Great things about NetBSD
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Date: 04/21/2007 14:19:17
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At Fri, 20 Apr 2007 22:10:17 +0000, Eric wrote:
Subject: Great things about NetBSD
> After reading some recent postings in this and other lists about
> NetBSD, I thought I'd start a thread about what is great about NetBSD:
> 3) It runs on a huge variety of platforms, and on old and new equipment

That's probably #2 for me.

> 7) Its stable and reliable

That's certainly #1, especially for server and embedded applications.

I would add a couple of points that are quite important for programmers
and especially programmers who use NetBSD as a component in, or the
foundation for, their own systems:

- the build system, with its full cross-build support (available thanks
  also in part to the amazingly portable GNU GCC cross compiler) is
  second to none.

- the source code is also the cleanest I've ever seen, especially for a
  system of this size, both in the kernel and in user-land.

						Greg A. Woods

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