Subject: fdisk slice access for dd
To: NetBSD Users Mailing List <>
From: Dan Janowski <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 04/20/2007 15:21:21
NetBSD 4.1/i386

I am trying to put a filesystem image onto compact flash that I made  
with vnconfig. The CF card has been partitioned with 'fdisk' and the  
primary tagged active and NetBSD. The image has a BSD label. I am  
trying to put the image on to slice 1, but cannot figure out what  
device to use. On FreeBSD I would 'dd if=image of=/dev/sd4s1' and the  
labeled image would end up on the first slice. There are no slice  
dev's that I can find.

I have searched for a description of how NetBSD deals with slices,  
but have come up with nothing useful.

Many thanks