Subject: Re: Installing a UPS for a NetBSD server... software and
To: Gilles Gravier <>
From: Konrad Neuwirth <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 04/20/2007 11:27:07

Gilles Gravier <> writes:

> OK... I'm going to try with a BK650EI (CS series) from APC...
> ( )

We've had two different members of that family (I don't remember the exact
details, but the're the medium-sized battery) in production for a number of
years now, and so far have been quite happy.  One is connected via RS232,
the other via USB and they just do their work.  We're going against apcupsd
on both machines, and it's both a single machine on the UPS, so that works

Basically, we just don't notice that they're there.