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Date: 04/20/2007 04:19:51
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Several weeks ago I proposed on netbsd-users@ list an idea to create
new WWW homepage (NWWW - NetBSD WWW Wrapper). But instead of tiding up
old one I suggested to make new one. The microproject is finished now
and ready to evaluate. The new homepage has one advantage to old one -
flexibility - thanks to underlying additional level. I reactivated
Links too as subproject of NWW.


NetBSD WWW Wrapper is made up of two levels. Level 0 e.g. homepage, and
Level 1 with links pointing to existing pages. The Level 1 is comprised
of two sections:

1) NetBSD Links
Original links found on official homepage.

2) LearN@BSD Links
Selected links pointing to NetBSD WWW, Community Wiki, and other links
related to NetBSD.

The pages needs polishing but the basic work was done. One matter was
unresolved or undecided: whether to dissolve Links into NWW subpages or
leave it as it is now - full blown Links page with a lot of links to it
from NWW subpages.

Thanks for your attention. I hope you'll supply me with new links worth
to put in "Links" page.

You can leave your comments on The LearN@BSD Project Forum as well.
There'll be the best place for discussion unless new homepage finds its
way into official WWW.

Kind regards,

-- Przemysław (p2o2) Pawełczyk <> The
LearN@BSD Project:

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