Subject: Re: Debian redefines itself
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List: netbsd-users
Date: 04/18/2007 15:17:32
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On Wed, 18 Apr 2007 21:59:24 +0200
Tobias Nygren <> wrote:

> I'm not going to go into detail on each of those subjects, and I
> assure you that you will not get an "official" reply.

When I wrote "official" I wanted suggest a reply which could carry on
some tips as a results of "unofficial" private, talks. But circulating
within higher circles of NetBSD "Board"

> Each developer
> has his own opinions, here's mine:

Thanks. That's what I like to hear. You are using the system longer
than me.

> I think you should reevaluate your
> understanding of what NetBSD is. We are not trying to be a Microsoft
> Windows replacement.

Debian, Linux, Microsoft, etc. Why do you manifest the allergy for
those environments? Cannot we talk reasonable?

> Our scope is in fact much larger than that.
> Here's some good reading:

If you changed NetBSD to Debian you would get Debian Goals in full.
That's why I asked directly for more clues.

> Btw, you do realize that by posting these off-topic mails you are
> distracting people who would otherwise be coding and committing new
> features, right?

Is there any better forum or agora albeit any where I could ask the
questions than "netbsd-users"? Does the "users" part is restricted only
to developers? Why do you want to redefine meaning of the words?

Kind regards,

Przemysław (p2o2) Pawełczyk <>
The LearN@BSD Project:

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