Subject: Debian redefines itself
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Date: 04/18/2007 14:32:00
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I've read an interesting succinct article about Debian 4.0 latest
release. I will quote a few lines, and I'd like to know what official
representatives of NetBSD Community would answer me if I asked them
how NetBSD and Debian 4.0 could be compared within the quoted subjects.

The chapter titles below emphasize my questions.

Full article:

1) for "vovices" and "experts" attitude
(...) Now, as Debian developers and users have deserted the distro for
Ubuntu, does Debian have a purpose any more? (...) The philosophy behind
the release is best summarized (...) "We will do everything we can to
make things very easy for the novice, while allowing the expert to tweak

2) "traditional do-it-yourself" versus "need to work with new users"
In other words, instead of trying to compete directly with distros like
Ubuntu for ease of use, Debian is experimenting with a different
approach. While growing aware of the need to work with new users, it is
also preserving some of the traditional do-it-yourself approach of free
software by giving users the chance to learn more about their operating
system should they choose. This philosophy shows in every aspect of
Debian 4.0, from its install program to its desktop, software
installation, security, and software management.

3) "encrypted logical volume manager"
An especially strong example of how the installer tries to appeal
simultaneously to different kinds of users is the partitioning section.
Users can choose not only to manually partition, or to be guided
through the process, but also whether to use an unencrypted or
encrypted logical volume manager.

4) "MPlayer without codecs"
Other changes include the installation of MPlayer, which allows the
playing of videos in Mozilla-based browsers -- although Debian 4.0
leaves out the Win32 codecs (...)

5) "Debian 4.0 treats users as students"
Recently, the goal of many distributions seems to have become to be a
free version of Windows for users without much understanding of their
operating system. Debian counters that trend. Instead of accepting that
users prefer to be ignorant, Debian 4.0 treats users as students -- as
people who may initially lack knowledge, but who are capable of


Przemysław (p2o2) Pawełczyk <>
The LearN@BSD Project:

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