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To: Jeremy C. Reed <>
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Date: 04/17/2007 08:38:28
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On Tue, 17 Apr 2007 08:22:04 -0500 (CDT)
"Jeremy C. Reed" <> wrote:

> Sorry to the rest of the list for responding.
> The webpage says tea doesn't have aspell support. That is wrong. I
> packaged it and tested it.
> I understand that I am referencing a wiki. If anyone is interested in
> fixing that wikipage (about tea and also to link to official
> requests), please do so.

That's my duty to do so. I will do that. Let me quote my letter to
Geert Hendrickx:
2) The problem stems from the fact that inside tea-16.0.5 are
sources with Makefiles, configure, etc. The directory doesn't contain
typical files one can find in other application directories placed
within pkgsrc structure. So I it misled me into posture of "doing
things linux way". :-)
And once more Geert Hendrickx:
So you are untarring the TEA sources in your pkgsrc dir?  That's not how
it works.  Jeremy created a pkgsrc/editors/tea _package_ in pkgsrc.  In
a current pkgsrc tree, you simply have to cd /path/to/pkgsrc/editors/tea
&& make && make install (with or without the mentioned mk.conf settings)
and you're dnoe.

I beg your pardon for the mess. I did the TEA app wrong way. Don't
feel offended or insulted but part of your answers not only on the
subject comes in very shortened form. I dare to say too shortened.

Przemysław (p2o2) Pawełczyk <>
The LearN@BSD Project:

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