Subject: Re: Request for applications
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 04/17/2007 08:22:04
> New entry added:

Sorry to the rest of the list for responding.

The webpage says tea doesn't have aspell support. That is wrong. I 
packaged it and tested it.

 glacier:/home/reed$ ldd `which tea` | grep spell
         -laspell.15 => /usr/pkg/lib/

 glacier:/home/reed$ pkg_info -n tea | grep spell

I also tested the spell checker. It works fine. Note: you need to make 
sure you have dictionary/language support for aspell also installed. (I 
installed aspell-english-6.0.0nb1 for testing.)

I already told the poster about package options a while ago and I also 
mentioned show-options when I told him I imported the package for him. If 
anyone else is interested in explaining it further, please go ahead.

Also please do not use this mailing list to post to for every new entry to 
the unofficial wiki. It is off-topic for this list.

Also please note that we do have an official list of pkgsrc requests, 
which I also pointed out. (So this wiki page is another place to look.)

I understand that I am referencing a wiki. If anyone is interested in 
fixing that wikipage (about tea and also to link to official requests), 
please do so.

  Jeremy C. Reed