Subject: Connecting IP-based printer?
To: None <>
From: Brian Grayson <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 04/16/2007 22:16:23
  I purchased a Brother MFC-665CW printer/fax/etc. box recently, and have
it working wirelessly with the Windows half of the home network.

  I noticed that when I telnet in to the printer, it mentions support for
lpr/lpd protocol, which looks promising.  If I add the following
/etc/printcap entry, _something_ happens, but it doesn't print:


  Via the printer's telnet interface, I can see that it logs a
connection each time I do an lpr, and lpq dequeues the job, but it does
not print, and the printer's interface doesn't increment 'files printed'.

  So I guess I have a few questions:

  - anything obviously wrong?  From lpq's point of view, the job is
  printed and gone, so obviously _it_ is happy.

  - a tcpdump of the IP connection shows a lot of gibberish text.  Is
  there any verbose mode to lpd (or any other tool) that can show in more
  detail what it is doing?  I altered pstatus to also syslog its output,
  and the last it prints is "Sending to 515@"

  The documentation with the printer is of course slanted to M$ and
MacOS, and online I only see stuff about LPRng and Linux, and not Plain
Ol' Unix.