Subject: Re: Burying the hatchets (Re: Desktop application agenda)
To: None <>
From: Peter I. Hansen <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 04/15/2007 16:42:43
On 4/15/07, Przemysław Pawełczyk <> wrote:


> > As for your desktop application agenda ... I saw your other email
> > about applications you'd like to have.


> > Working on editors/tea for you now ...
> __Thank you very much for the words__. I am not offended albeit I
> should. The words show how your very small, and closed community sees
> others: "We are making something __for you__ so be polite and
> _appreciative_". Pay attention, please, to two issues: "for you" (not
> for us) and "appreciative" (obliged for what?).

You should be very polite and appreciative. You are getting a complete
operating system for free, and now you are getting your favorite
editor (which I never even heard of before) included in pkgsrc, also
for free. Please stop complaining about how stuff is to you for free.

> We versus Them.
> A culture which puts the distribution on an extinction path.
> The problem is that when one of "Them" say "you are wrong" or "I
> have rights to demand" (what a blasphemy!), right away he has to stave
> off attacks of angry faces manifesting Syndrome of Offended Virgin.

As I see things you/we don't have the rights to demand anything.
You/we have the right to suggest and request. The people doing the
actual work have the right to say yes or no.


> I'm sure my words carry on something worth to think it over for a
> moment, at least. And I hope this e-mail will bury the hatchets.

I you really want to bury the hatchets, please consider again that
people can have a view on things that is different from yours, and
that maybe they could on occasion be right.