Subject: Burying the hatchets (Re: Desktop application agenda)
To: Jeremy C. Reed <>
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List: netbsd-users
Date: 04/15/2007 06:26:07
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On Fri, 13 Apr 2007 21:30:32 -0500 (CDT)
"Jeremy C. Reed" <> wrote:

> > > correct this! On the other hand, developer and pkgsrc maintainer
> > > Jeremy C. Reed made every endeavor to address the issues you had.
> > And I am very thankful to him for that. He still answers my
> > questions contrary to most of you - "everlasting", "skilled", and
> > "highly educated" (in applied psychology) users.
> Please note that it is hard for me to reply to you.

Dear Sir,

Should I think you mitigate your dislike and/or anger against me
because you see more advantages than disadvantages in keeping
communication link with me?

> Your emails insult my friends, my hobby[1], and my favorite operating
> system. Maybe you don't mean it that way, but that is the way I read
> them.
> (...)
> Even when you ask honest questions, I feel you are patronizing.

Oh, please. Don't offend your and my intelligence saying that a man can
insult a car, a table, a tree, or here a system or hobby! Let's left it
as a slip-up in reasoning.

To be exact you made another slip-up matching words "honest" with
"patronizing". Let's say "you detect a bit of sarcasm in it",
what wouldn't be far from the truth.

> If you have a question or want to share advice, please don't assume
> we haven't heard it before -- when in fact we may have discussed it
> before and even planned it that way for good reasons.

I didn't find WWW page summing up your plans. What's the cause for such
surreptitious activity?

> As for your desktop application agenda ... I saw your other email
> about applications you'd like to have.

It is NOT MY AGENDA (a curse suppressed...; beg your pardon for the
shout, but there are times when only shout can express the right
meaning...). Please do not lie! What you are going to do will benefit
all NetBSD users. Of course, you could do nothing, but you know too
well it would be a wrong path.

> Feel free to create a wiki page at the site with
> pkgsrc requests -- if it doesn't exist yet. (While there at that wiki
> start or find a page that links to all its content.) Also see the
> suggestions in pkgsrc/doc/TODO (and email me with your suggestions
> for that if you want). Also we have a work-in-progress list at
> sourceforge that you may politely ask pkgsrc packagers to assist you
> with creating your needed packages.

Thank you. I see to that in a future. First I'll try to finish "links
subject" on my WWW. When the time for LearN@BSD CDs come I will
knock to your doors.

> Working on editors/tea for you now ...

__Thank you very much for the words__. I am not offended albeit I
should. The words show how your very small, and closed community sees
others: "We are making something __for you__ so be polite and
_appreciative_". Pay attention, please, to two issues: "for you" (not
for us) and "appreciative" (obliged for what?).

We versus Them.
A culture which puts the distribution on an extinction path.

The problem is that when one of "Them" say "you are wrong" or "I
have rights to demand" (what a blasphemy!), right away he has to stave
off attacks of angry faces manifesting Syndrome of Offended Virgin.

If they have time and energy to fight such e-mail wars like the ones
with me, why they didn't manifest such ferocious activities in pursuing
your (plural) plans? Quoting your words: " fact we may have
discussed it before and even planned it that way for good reasons".
("Planned" is in Past Tense I dare to emphasize.)

I read what you wrote to me, the most offending e-mails as well. And I
had the courage to think why it were so, and why it went so.

Some English words of "hate", "demand", "you should" comes from direct
translations of native meaning. They may sound different in different
cultures but they convey a contents __together with their context
(associated words) __. A content which might be treated with much more
attention. Unfortunately some of you see what they want to see and
customize opinions to the narrow vision.

I know, "no one's perfect". ;-) Me too.

Mr Reed, this is a second version of my reply to this e-mail of yours. I
tried to be more precise and get rid of any "hateful" or "angry"
undertones. I you felt sarcasm, bitterness, or irritation I wrote
the letter correct.

I'm sure my words carry on something worth to think it over for a
moment, at least. And I hope this e-mail will bury the hatchets.

Przemysław Pawełczyk
Przemysław (p2o2) Pawełczyk <>
The LearN@BSD Project:

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