Subject: Re: Desktop application agenda
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From: Matthew Orgass <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 04/14/2007 00:39:24
On 2007-04-13 wrote:

> As I said umpteen times I'm not programmer. But thanks for your
> explanation. I only wanted to know if there was a "body" which steers
> development of NetBSD and whether they pay attention to desktop
> users as well. I cannot believe that NetBSD developers think only about
> drivers to new network cards or storage devices.

  The simple answer that no one has quite said yet is that NetBSD as a
project is focused on what is in CVS and concrete proposed changes.
Major development is not done in tree unless necessary.  Source and binary
compatability is emphasised and the base system is highly selective and
UNIXy in form.  Many NetBSD developers care about desktop use of the base
system but would rather keep vital components in pkgsrc than import
complex or badly designed applications.

Matthew Orgass