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Date: 04/13/2007 08:45:42
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On Fri, 13 Apr 2007 15:01:10 +0200 wrote:

> >Right to the point. Thanks. Perhaps I'm too young, so tell me please,
> >have you ever found operating system useful without any applications?
> Of course. It's always better when you decide for yourself which
> applications you are going to install and use, and when you don't
> need to clean up things before it becomes usable.

But pkgsrc _is_ on NetBSD operating system WWW!!! The binaries are
there, as well! And not without a trace of good sense (that's
purposely). All operating system are being offered with additional

> Plus, you can already do a lot of things with the base system (think
> file/dns/firewall/.. server).

Server applications may belong to system or may not. That proves my

> >questions. No wonder NetBSD is slowly dying...
> A lot of people says that, but they just think a project is alive if
> it is hyped.

Perhaps. I took into consideration mailing-lists activities, "openness"
for new users, recent Google SoC, "popularity contests" on IT services,
articles written to the IT services, core developers attitude toward
Community Wiki, etc. The whole picture, from that (read my) point of
view, isn't bright and catching. If there is small chunk of truth in
what I wrote, some of you might have thought about it. I would do this
if I were one of the NetBSD "founding fathers".

> >I want to do something. But I want to do with you (plural) and
> >according to some rules. So I ask. Why there is so many "hate" on
> (...)
> Sorry but I don't think I saw hate in the replies. You just have a

The "hate" relate more to the tinge of wording than state of personal

> wrong idea about NetBSD and you don't seem to understand it. NetBSD
> isn't like *nux, it doesn't need to say the world it is the best,
> it doesn't need to have arrogant people trolling all over the lists.
> Most people here just want to make NetBSD better, and saying that it
> is "dying" won't improve things.

Perhaps I'm a rhino in a china shop but why you are so touchy. I didn't
say "NetBSD is dying" from lofty stand but rather in a sad mood
because I "want" and you "won't" (let). That I want to participate in
NetBSD development in the fields I think I am good enough to be of
significant service, namely in writing texts or creating well organized
html pages or WWW service.

_Nothing_ and _no one_ will improve things if a status quo is seen as
the best of all worlds.

> Then do your special installation CD with all the software you need.

I will. But without a little help from your side it will be tougher.
Some applications are indispensable. If I were able to program I
wouldn't bother you at all.

Thanks for your clarifying remarks.

Kind regards,
Przemysław (p2o2) Pawełczyk <>
The LearN@BSD Project:

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