Subject: Re: Desktop application agenda
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 04/13/2007 15:01:10
>On Fri, 13 Apr 2007 05:01:03 -0700
>"Andy Ruhl" <> wrote:
>> On 4/13/07, Przemys=C5=82aw Pawe=C5=82czyk <> wrote:
>> > Hi,
>> >
>> > I'd like to know if a few desktop flavors of NetBSD were
>> > debated during "setting future development" session of some sort.
>> > What "policy" in this matter, if ever, emerged from the talks or
>> > discussions.
>> NetBSD is an operating system with a rather minimal set of
>> applications that allow it to function in some sort of way. You're
>> talking about application stuff. This is within the realm of pkgsrc,
>> not NetBSD. It's got nothing to do with the base NetBSD system. NetBSD
>> doesn't have to "decide" any of this stuff about desktops and
>> applications. If you want them, add them yourself. If they aren't in
>> pkgsrc, then work on getting them in there. Period.
>Right to the point. Thanks. Perhaps I'm too young, so tell me please,
>have you ever found operating system useful without any applications?

Of course. It's always better when you decide for yourself which
applications you are going to install and use, and when you don't
need to clean up things before it becomes usable.

Plus, you can already do a lot of things with the base system (think
file/dns/firewall/.. server).

>> I hate to say it, but I've been reading a lot of your emails and in
>> many of them you make assertions about how things should be, but you
>> lack a fundamental understanding of what the project really is.
>Maybe I didn't do my homework or voluminous NetBSD WWW lost a view
>what important information or system features "should" be conveyed to
>users first. Or to emphasize them. For the next time you seem to
>distract everybody from the true subject or discourage me from asking
>questions. No wonder NetBSD is slowly dying...

A lot of people says that, but they just think a project is alive if
it is hyped.

>I want to do something. But I want to do with you (plural) and according
>to some rules. So I ask. Why there is so many "hate" on your side? Why
>do you twist letters' subjects driving them to personal paths? Why do
>you think that only your view on NetBSD is correct and mine bad? Have
>you been touched by God?

Sorry but I don't think I saw hate in the replies. You just have a
wrong idea about NetBSD and you don't seem to understand it. NetBSD
isn't like *nux, it doesn't need to say the world it is the best,
it doesn't need to have arrogant people trolling all over the lists.
Most people here just want to make NetBSD better, and saying that it
is "dying" won't improve things.

>> of some group of software. If that's what you want it to be, you can
>> make it that way yourself. NetBSD should remain mostly how it is, in
>> my opinion.
>Perhaps your "hate" makes you "blind" and you didn't notice what
>I really said. _That I'm not using NetBSD. I'm using applications
>running under control of operating system, here NetBSD._

Then do your special installation CD with all the software you need.

Loic Hoguin