Subject: Re: Desktop application agenda
To: Tobias Nygren <>
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List: netbsd-users
Date: 04/13/2007 05:30:55
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On Fri, 13 Apr 2007 11:48:49 +0200
Tobias Nygren <> wrote:

> > Once I envisioned a few CDs with GTK+1.2, GTK+2.x, GNOME, and KDE.
> > Of my interest are the first two of them. They are relatively low on
> > resources on older machines. But as I pointed in recent thread of
> > mine (Re: new website with mplayer binaries) both "flavors" should
> > be supplemented with a few new apps or old apps with new functions.
> > For example - e-mail readers _must_ be equipped with two basic
> > options - cryptography and spell-checker abilities.
> >
> I don't quite follow the first paragraph. Are you saying that all MUAs
> must have integrated pgp and ispell?

Yes. Those are two fundamental functions in today's world being watched
by Big Brother. :-)

> You should talk to the MUA
> developer in question in that case.

That's the point of my letter. Is there anyone who gather suggestions
and inform in corpore appropriate developers/maintainers?

> If there are specific applications you feel
> are missing, we want to hear about it.

Here you are. What can substitute
1) faulty "gentoo"  (GTK+ 1.2)
2) faulty and withdrawn "gftp"  (GTK+ 1.2)?

3) emelfm (GTK+ 1.2)
4) dillo with patches for I18, tabs, and frames (found in DSL Linux)
5) sylpheed (GTK+ 1.2)

Those applications (and others) can allow me to create low resources
set of application for LearN@BSD GTK1 CD-ROM (see my WWW).

Perhaps someone has an idea what such gtk1 set should contain? Of
course it is aimed at desktop users first. But I think such set would
be useful for admins as well - he'd get basic desktop apps for
everyday pleasure. :-)

> The tea editor was imported[*] into pkgsrc-wip a long time ago, but
> it's an ancient version. You should ask the package maintainer to
> update it if you need it.
> [*]

This prevalent "policy" of DIY (do it yourself) is frustrating. I can
do it, no problem. But cannot we create wiki page with
requisition for new apps or old apps with new functions? Cannot such
activity be more tidy up?

Przemysław (p2o2) Pawełczyk <>
The LearN@BSD Project:

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