Subject: Re: Command to burn an ISO file to a CDR?
To: NetBSD Users Mailing List <>
From: Evaldo Gardenali <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 04/12/2007 13:47:55

cdrecord [-vvv] [driveropts=burnfree] [-pad] dev=/dev/cd0d file.iso
-vvv: see it working, you nerdy!
driveropts=burnfree: solve issues with empty buffers in slow machines; it turns burnfree on, which doesnt crash a burning session if buffer underruns
-pad: solve issues with "seeking the end of the image and going i/o error", found on systems like linux [tm] (which does a poor job at looking at CD boundaries)

For dvds, the dvd+rw-tools package is easier:
growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/rcd0d=/foo/file.iso
needs to be rcd0d, dunno why, but cd0d crashes it on my system
-dvd-compat: "close" the session, so non-writers can read it
-Z: first session; -M is merge


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Subject: Re: Command to burn an ISO file to a CDR?

Gilles Gravier wrote:
> Hi!
> OK... So... this is a going to be a first for me... and I have no idea 
> of the process on NetBSD... I have an xxxxx.iso file... and a blank CD. 
> How do I go about burning that? On Solaris, I'd do cdrw -i xxxxx.iso and 
> that would work. On Windows, well... thousands of tools.
> What about NetBSD? A simple command line tool available?
> Thanks in advance,
> Gilles.

I use cdrecord and record many, many CDs per week. I do something like:

cdrecord -dev=15,1,0 -speed=8 -v netbsd.iso

cdrecord is avaliable in pkgsrc :-) give cdrecord a shot.

	Liam J. Foy