Subject: Re: new website with mplayer binaries
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 04/12/2007 10:39:40
> Perhaps this page of mine should be joined with Wiki page
> but speak for themselves in the matter.
> __I do not want to double or tripple others' works.__
> Do we really need at least three separate link pages (I didn't check
> deeply the topic)? Mine, "official's", and wiki's? Do we?

Probably a good idea to use that wiki Links page for now.

> BTW.
> 1)
> I __know__ I make a lot of errors. How can I spell-check my
> e-mails in Sylpheed?

The sylpheed package is not built with the gtkspell package by default. 
This decision was done by the maintainer (or previous maintainer).
Read the pkgsrc Guide about "Selecting Build Options".

> 2) Thunderbird can spell-check via "enchant" lib and encrypt e-mails
> with "enigmail" lib. Why NetBSD delievers in binary form __only__
> enchant library?

Nobody packaged enigmail. Somebody did suggest it and it is listed in 
pkgsrc/doc/TODO. Google tells me a few people using NetBSD use enigmail.
Any volunteers?

  Jeremy C. Reed