Subject: Re: su gives "Unmatched `. "
To: None <>
From: Martijn van Buul <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 04/05/2007 20:25:23
* Siju George:

> see the prompt starts with a '
> 'vtcdc: {1} whoami
> Unmatched '.
> what happened here really?

My two cents:

You hit both the enter key as well as the ' key at the same time. The 
enter key won the contest (ending the conversation with su), but the ' got
through *before* the shell had a chance to print out the prompt. However, the
shell will still read it from stdin, so you didn't enter 


but instead, you really entered


which would explain both the ' in front of the prompt, as well as the 
"unmatched '." error.

Martijn van Buul -