Subject: Re: {pkgsrc-users} NetBSD Export Control List Clarification
To: Siju George <>
From: Brian de Alwis <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 04/05/2007 10:38:40
On 2007.04.05 19:41:42 +0530, Siju George wrote:
> Is there any way to disable pkgsrc to download Software from sites
> located in countries such as US that restricts some forms of Software
> from being downloaded?

Try setting the MASTER_*SITE* macros.  For example,

    MASTER_SITE_OVERRIDE (this is supposed to override package
	MASTER_SITE settings)
    MASTER_SITE_* (see Section 16.5.1 of the pkgsrc guide)

The burden will be on you to figure out the non-US servers.  The
MASTER_SITE_OVERRIDE looks like a global switch that might work,
providing that you can find another location that has the source
files.  And if you don't want to fiddle with mk.conf, you could
craft your own script to wrap make to pass in the vars on the

An alternative would be to provide your own FETCH_CMD that would
check the host with some geographical mapping database (e.g.,  That actually might be easier.


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