Subject: Re: Help installing 2nd disk in system...
To: Gilles Gravier <>
From: Zafer Aydogan <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 04/04/2007 13:35:45
Hello Gilles,

maybe you want to try LFS, which uses a sequential log, similar to an
journaling file system. LFS recovers in a fast in case of a crash
without fsck'ing the whole 700 GB disk.  LFS is still considered
experimental but have improved alot recently, so please use it for
testing purposes.

For creating an LFS partition do this:

-use disklabel to change your partition to 4.4LFS
-then newfs_lfs like this:
# newfs_lfs -A wd1e
(-A is optional)
and mount it with
# mount -t lfs /dev/wd1e /yourmountpoint

fstab entry:
/dev/wd1e /home/lfs lfs rw 1 1

Have fun.

2007/4/3, Gilles Gravier <>:
> Hi!
> Just got myself a new 700GB IDE disk to add to my trusty NetBSD 3.1
> server as a data disk. The system disk is seen as wd0 ... the new disk
> is wd1 ... Question is : what are the steps to format and partition that
> new disk so that it is one big volume (i.e. 100% of the disk
> capacity)... preferably with some form of journalized file system
> (though my machine has yet to experience a crash which could corrupt a
> file system - thanks to NetBSD being rock stable)?
> Thanks in advance,
> Gilles Gravier