Subject: Re: Proposition for Releases page changes
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From: Greg A. Woods <>
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Date: 04/01/2007 13:31:46
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At Sat, 31 Mar 2007 20:39:05 +0200, Martin S. Weber wrote:
Subject: Re: Proposition for Releases page changes
> Now, some time later, users begin to complain about the quality and outda=
> of our documentation. Go find the links yourself. If you want manpages in=
> xml, I'm looking forward to see wrong and outdated information creeping i=
nto the
> running system, too.  The roff hackers will love to learn docbook-xml, I'=
m sure.

well said!  :-)

> The point is that this great technical improvement has bought us nothing =
> a print-ready guide (for those two dozen users who print the guide), driv=
en off
> contributors to documentation and an increasing share of outdated informa=

Let's not forget that we already had stunningly good looking
typeset-quality printed documentation (if we wanted it) long before XML
weaseled its way into more than a few places.

The thing that was originally lacking was an easy way to produce HTML
output for online publishing in a form that permitted better structuring
and cross referencing (not that plain text documents can't be used
easily in any web browser).  However that problem was greatly relieved
quite some time ago by improvements to groff and the html*.tmac macros.
It seemed to me that further simple improvements to the html*.tmac stuff
would have solved all the online publishing issues and then some.

						Greg A. Woods

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