Subject: Question regarding to set up an AnonCVS mirror
To: None <>
From: Viktor Holmlund <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/09/2007 13:43:13
God morning,

I'm a bit muddle-headed about the LockDirs thing, read-only repositories
don't use locks.
It's quite possible but I can't get things to work unless I set LockDir to
a writeable directory in CVSROOT/config.
After some minutes I tested to use the '-u' flag in cvs (cvs -u server),
it seems to work without any LockDirs set in CVSROOT/config, but what I
can see its a security problem. Users can checkout dirs/files behind
/cvsroot, e.g:

(export :/ intestead of :/cvsroot)

>export CVS_RSH=ssh
>cvs co -PA etc
cvs checkout: Updating etc
cvs checkout: Updating etc/pam.d
cvs checkout: Updating etc/systrace

I compared this with the openbsd anoncvs mirror and got this results:

>export CVS_RSH=ssh
>cvs co -PA etc
Cannot access //CVSROOT
No such file or directory

..and that's the correct way.

I'm talking about the CVSREADONLYFS env variable that OpenBSD's cvs seems
to support, but I can't see any supports in NetBSD's cvs:/

To workaround this problem I have patched my cvs to use CVSREADONLYFS, and
so far it works good. Couldn't see any other way to solve my problem.
Then I'm setting this in cvssh.c

#define CHECKOUT_USER "checkout"

char * const env[] = {

"CVSREADONLYFS=1" solved my problem with LockDirs!

Do you have any suggestions regarding this?

Thanks in advance!

Viktor Holmlund,
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