Subject: Re: pkgsrc - how to use (some, not all) sources directly from hdd?
To: Zbigniew Baniewski <>
From: Greg Troxel <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 11/20/2006 08:01:16
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  The problem is, that jdk14 isn't in "normal" pkgsrc - it's from s.c.
  "pkgsrc-wip", which doesn't have any "distfiles" sub-dir in it's tree. Ye=
  I created /usr/pkgsrc/distfiles "manually", copied there the source files,
  and... it is still searching the Internet.

wip isn't special, except that it's on a different cvs server.   I
have it as /usr/pkgsrc/wip

The other issue, which is probably your problem now, is that a number
of packages put distfiles in subdirectories. Sometimes this is for
organization, and sometimes because upstream packages change distfiles
without changing the name.  I don't see the jdk14 Makefile set
DISTDIR, but it's pretty complicated and I could be missing something.

    Greg Troxel <>

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