Subject: Re: [SPAM] Help setting up flux box, where to copy .xinitrc
To: Alasdair <>
From: Christoph Kaegi <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 11/16/2006 14:57:31
On 16.11-22:04, Alasdair wrote:
> At this point I should note that  I have not copied .xinitrc to $HOME  as 
> recommended by the NetBSD manual. Don't laugh but I am a little confused 
> where to copy it! As I understand it the default $HOME directory is /root . 
> I take it this is the "home directory" also described as ~/ that 
> the  Fluxbox documentation also refers to
> ?

You need the .xinitrc to be in the homedirectory of the
user you are logged in and starting X as.

If you're logged in as root, this will be /root
If you're loggin in as another user it will be whatever
you specified as homedirectory for that user. Probably /home/username

Anyways, you can find out what the homedirectory for the user you're 
currently loggend in as is by typing

  echo $HOME

at the command prompt.

Hope this helps


Christoph Kaegi