Subject: Re: Ethernet Configuration (was: "X configuration problem")
To: None <>
From: Ricardo Cervera Navarro <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 11/15/2006 22:25:34
2006/11/15, Steven M. Bellovin <>:
> This wasn't a name server problem per se.  It was an external connectivity
> problem for everything, including the name server.  But that caused things
> like ping to appear to be very slow, because it was waiting for the DNS
> query to time out.  Get connectivity working first; after that, see if you
> need your own server.

That's true. But I have to say that many ISP's DNS servers (such as
mine's) are very unstable, and many times, although my connection is
working I cannot get names resolved. That's why I run named.

This happened to me when I first installed NetBSD and I thought it was
a connectivity problem but it wasn't. Just an advice if somebody finds
the same problem I did: try named.

Ricardo Cervera Navarro