Subject: Re: "X windows" configuration
To: None <>
From: arnuld <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 11/13/2006 20:55:25
> A. Enter your host address and name in /etc/hosts
> B. Put your default gateway address in /etc/mygate
> C. Create /etc/resolv.conf to contain your DNS settings (you already
> have this in your Linux installation, it should do).
> The reboot and try
> dig or whatever.
> Also have a good read through 'man afterboot'.


> > this is my home computer where i wanted to learn UNIX & C++
> > programming with UNIX API
> NetBSD is an excellent choice for this IMHO.

it is the only distribution that attracted me. i have used Debian,
Fedora, BLAG, UTUTO-e & also tried FreeBSD. only NetBSD is my kind of
thing :-)

> > i even downloaded the "pkgsrc-2006Q3.tar.gz" on my hard-disk to burn
> > it on CD but Linux always says: "not an archive".
> That's weird, did you specify 'binary' mode when doing the transfer
> with ftp? It's just a standard compressed tar archive.

NO, i just left-clicked the link in my firefox & that asked me to
save. 3rd & 4th time i tried my usual method: right-click & save.
nothing else. i really fear because of it as i wanted to install GNOME
on NetBSD & if "pkgsrc" can not be "read" i will get locked into a
very bad situation. do you have any solution?

--  arnuld