Subject: Re: 3.1_STABLE issues
To: Louis Guillaume <>
From: Manuel Bouyer <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 11/12/2006 21:24:29
On Sun, Nov 12, 2006 at 02:35:58PM -0500, Louis Guillaume wrote:
> Manuel Bouyer wrote:
> >OK, so you didn't upgrade, you've *downgraded* from current to netbsd-3.
> >postinstall doesn't support downgrade.
> >
> No. I think you misunderstood...
> I `downgraded' last year. So there is some extraneous stuff in the 
> filesystem. I understand postinstall can't clean up items it does not 
> know about.
> But I've been on netbsd-3 since October 2005. And performed several 
> upgrades and postinstalls with no issue.
> This problem also happened on another system where I was doing a binary 
> upgrade.
> Just look at /etc/mtree/set.base and the list of obsoletes. And I *did* 
> run etcupdate too, so the mtree files are up-to-date...

Well, for librairies postinstall makes the list of obsolete files/links
dynamically, by keeping only the last version of the dynamic librairies
in each directory. So in your case you downgraded from current to
netbsd-3, but you still have old (but unused because the symlinks properly
points to the release versions) current library, with minor numbers
highter than the ones from the release. So postinstall wants to
keep the old current ones which are, in fact, the one that are obsolete.
You have to remove by hands these old libs, postinstall can't deal with that.

Manuel Bouyer <>
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