Subject: Re: docbook editor?
To: Mike M. Volokhov <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 11/09/2006 13:04:54
> > I am a long-time LyX user -- if you know how to get LyX to work with 
> > DocBook please let me know.
> Googling for 'lyx docbook' immediately resulted in two links to
> step-by-step guides:

This is for very old LyX and is for "LinuxDoc" format. I don't see 
anywhere in that on how to configure.


I also saw that before. It also appears to be for old LinuxDoc (what Lyx 
used to call Docbook). New LyX also supports newer, but it is not 
documented. And I asked about it on the lyx-users list a couple times 
over past six months but no assistance.

Thanks again for pointing me to this at least I can find some ideas.

Part of my problem is the suggestions to use software that are considered 
obsolete. And I am unclear on what to change for using real DocBook versus 
LinuxDoc (since they use wrong terminology).

> > I had been doing a lot of work with book in LyX but also simultaneously 
> > doing same work on same book in DocBook in vi -- doing the work twice is a 
> > waste of my time. I might just use DocBook in vi and forget about LyX for 
> > this project, but I like using LyX as it is usually a great time saver.
> Let me ask, why you have choosed DocBook over LyX/TeX? Is this an 
> external requirement or was this your choose?

The original document is in DocBook. I provided numerous fixes for it. I 
manually edited in vi. (I also simultaneously did same work in LyX after I 
spent many days converting to LyX manually. The work is 
redundant and I should have done in DocBook all along.)

> > What do you all use for docbook editing?
> I've also heard good opinions on emacs sgml mode.
> My own choice is vi (with local maps) and XXE (which is Java and
> thus heavyweight). Vex can compete to XXE as well.

Thanks for the suggestions. I saw Vex is for Eclipse. I may just use old 
conglomerate or vi for now.