Subject: Re: anyone want to help teach online class on NetBSD
To: Jeremy C. Reed <>
From: Danny Lau <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/20/2006 09:11:37

First of all, it is a great idea. I am on your side.

I'm a NetBSD fan from China. In China mainland, seldom people interested in
hacking NetBSD system compared with Linux(even with FreeBSD). I think the
roadblock prevent people from enrolling in NetBSD is the lack of documents
on system hacking and the whole framework modeling. All documents I can get
are from, some papers from USENIX
written by NetBSD hackers and some unoffical articles written by other
NetBSD fans(most of the papers and atricles are come from google), and
online manual-page section 9. The classic book, <4.4BSD design and
implementation>, also can't catch up with the the modern NetBSD evolutions
like SA, LKM, LWP, etc. The <NetBSD internals> from NetBSD offical website
is incomplete now. And the maillist seems more suitable for discussing
rather than study. Besides that classic book, most of the documents focuing
on a specific topic that can not help newbies like me to comprehending
the overall system design, implementation and the framework.

So, for the reasons mentioned above, I strongly hope somebody could light
the way for newbies to the kernel road. The online class Jeremy proposed is
what I want if it can introduce more people to the mysterious kernel world
more systemically. And a wish, if possible, have a document which to NetBSD
is like as the <Understanding Linux Kernel> to Linux even if that document
not as elaborated as ULK.

Now, althought I'm not a NetBSD guru and I actually study NetBSD just about
1 year, I have wrote some articles based on my own study experience to
help people from China who interested in NetBSD hacking more easily.(URL *in

BTW, if there has other valuable documents, books or online pages, artcles,
please let me know. Thanks

On 9/20/06, Jeremy C. Reed <> wrote:
> (I bcc'd this to tech-kern.)
> It seems like it would be very useful and quite interesting to have online
> instruction covering:
> 1) how to port NetBSD
> 2) developing (or porting) drivers
> This would be useful for existing developers and for potential
> developers.
> Porting the NetBSD class maybe could be done by using an emulator or cheap
> hardware. (The instruction could be just one area of the porting, such as
> boot loader.)
> And the driver class could be done by using some inexpensive hardware (or
> maybe non-hardware based driver).
> The courses could be informal and students join as they please.
> But the actual class would have a defined start date, course session
> times, and ending date.
> The class could include a weekly or twice weekly lesson (maybe an hour in
> length). This lesson could be done as an HTML (or other presentation) and
> using irc (or other). Then this would be immediately be made available as
> a webpage for those who miss the class and for reference. (I am sure
> students can help make the webpages.)
> The group of students and interested experts and instructors can have a
> mailing list to discuss questions of the development.
> This could be done as a volunteer basis, or if instructors need to be paid
> I am sure students could pay some.
> I can coordinate this.
> Basically the instructor(s) would:
> - choose the hardware they will cover,
> - define their goals for the training sessions,
> - provide students with tasks to do and other exercises,
> - point the students to examples and documentation (and/or write new
> docs),
> - participate on the mailing list about class questions,
> - and select some dates for the training.
> Anyone interested in teaching?
> Anyone interested in participating?
> Jeremy C. Reed