Subject: Re: "make update" question
To: Huub <>
From: Brian McEwen <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/19/2006 06:50:03
On Sep 19, 2006, at 4:40 AM, Huub wrote:

>> The package graphics/libpixman does not exist in my pkgsrc =20
>> collection. According to
>> changes.html it was removed aug. 10th.
>> You need to figure out what has this dependency and unwant it, or =20
>> maybe it's enough for you to update the pkgsrc files.
> I did "make update" and have ended up with an almost completely =20
> broken system. This response is not from the NetBSD machine. Gnome, =20=

> firefox, thunderbird etc etc don't work anymore. Fluxbox turned out =20=

> to be intact, so I went back to that. Links worked as well, so at =20
> least I have access to the web. If I want to "make install" e.g. =20
> firefox, it reports that it can't open the zip-2.32 Makefile.

yup, system-whacking,  that's what make update does, often.  I did =20
mention it :/.  Does it have sshd or telnet even?  When make update =20
hosed my system, I was very glad for memory-resident services, 'cos I =20=

lost just about all the important binaries.  And I run a headless =20
"network appliance", albeit a dated one.

> What can I do now? I already updated pkgsrc by cvs. Should I =20
> completely remove pkgsrc and cvs it again?
> I tried to pkg_add packages, but my attempts strand by noticing =20
> that many links to amd64-current packagesdirectories don=B4t work. =20
> How come? Incomplete updates?

 =46rom your other mail:

 >Ok. Had to "make deinstall", "make reinstall". Now "pkgmanager =20
sync" reports: /usr/pkg/bin/pkgmanager: /usr/pkg/bin/clisp not found

so do:
cd /usr/pkgsrc/lang/clisp
make install

and you might as well run the script

which updates the database of files on your system for the locate =20
command.  And then you can do a
locate clisp

or whatever pkg is missing and easily find where it lives in pkgsrc.

You'll have to do this a lot, and some things could be deleted that =20
don't have a package name, but if you google for the thing that is =20
missing, you can often find out what package or daemon or whatever =20
uses it, and build that.

Honestly if you didn't have anything important on the system, and =20
it's not running anything important, and it seems fairly trashed (if =20
pkgsrc cant' even open source packages, I'd say yes), you can just =20
start over from scratch with a new binary install and likely be time =20
ahead. Depending on what version of NetBSD binaries you have, and if =20
you are getting the -current pkgsrc or not (you get -current if you =20
don't specifically tell it to use a particular version) you can end =20
up with mismatches that are a pain to work with- another reason to =20
just save time and start over.

If you need to get files off, since you have network access at least, =20=

you could get sshd up, and use an sftp client from elsewhere to pull =20
important files off, if you don't have USB or external drives or =20
anything going.

Just my opinion, good luck-