Subject: esp driver problem (crash debug)
To: None <>
From: didier gaumet <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/08/2006 16:00:05
Hi all,

I have installed NetBSD 3.0 (GENERIC_LAPTOP stock kernel) on a DELL
Latitude XPi P133ST laptop. 
DELL specifications are here:

I own an external pcmcia/scsi CD-ROM reader (PANASONIC KXL-D740).
PANASONIC specifications are here:
Under the CD-ROM reader, on its back, there are four micro-switches (DIP):
  SCSI ID 1 (On/Off): On
  SCSI ID 2 (On/Off): Off
  SCSI ID 3 (On/Off): On
  Terminator (On/Off): On
This CD-ROM reader was functionning properly under Windows 98 and Debian
Sarge whith these settings.

When I plug the CD-ROM reader in the PCMCIA slot1 (an ethernet card
being plugged in slot0), it crashes and the prompt of an unknown (to me)
debugger appears: 

  -bash-3.1# 1esp0 at pcmcia1 function 0: <KME, KXLC002, 00>
  pcic0: port 0x410-0x41f
  pcmcia1: card irq 11
  uvm_fault(0xc0657e60, 0, 0, 2) -> 0xe
  kernel: page fault trap, code 0
  Stopped in pid 5.1 (pcic0,0,1) at     netbsd:ncr53c9x_init+0x4c:    movl

On fr.comp.os.bsd (a french bsd newsgroup) Emmanuel Dreyfus kindly
informed me that this is the ddb debugger and that bt should provide more

db> bt
ncr53c9x_init(c08ade00,0,c01ec328,c08ade00,c08ade00) at
esp_pcmcia_enable(c08ade00,1,c08aebf0,c0588578,c0588578) at
esp_pcmcia_attach(c0849000,c08ade00,c47c9ee4,c47c9ee0,0) at
config_attach_loc(c0849000,c05e9600,c47c9ed4,c47c9ee4,c048612c) at
pcmcia_rescan(cc0849000,c057969a,c0558568,4b,c084d560) at
pcmcia_card_attach(c0849000,0,c47c9f8c,c047f9f3,380054fb) at
pcic_attach_card(c084d560,2,0,246,0) at netbsd_pcic_attach_card+0x3a
pcic_event_thread(c084d560,70a000,712000,0,c0100321) at

I have consulted:
- esp NetBSD 3.0 manpage:
- options NetBSD 3.0 manpage:

And the I wonder:

- The CD-ROM reader chipset seems to be a Qlogic: is it normal that NetBSD
recognizes it as a NCR 53c9x?

- Should I try to rebuid a kernel whith different options (for example
PCIC_ISA_INTR_ALLOC_MASK=mask) ? Which ones? Whith which parameters?

Thanks in advance to everyone wanting to help :-)