Subject: "New" NetBSD MBR boot documentation and recovery?
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/08/2006 06:14:56
Hi All,

I've been using NetBSD since at least the 1.5xx series and still use
the old boot loader which was common to my Mac68k and my i386
household router/firewall/gateway boxen.

Recently I started using vmware virtual machines to play with
fresh releases and cvs in a way that did not threaten the "production"

Anyway, this is note is *not* urgent because it's just
on a test virtual machine, but someday I may update the boot loader
on my production box. Also, soon many more of the current user base will
be moving to the new MBR boot loader and may have these issues.

Apologies if it's already documented somewhere...I did google the site
and took a quick look at the NetBSD guide, which appears to still
be written for the old boot loader. I looked for "mbr boot" and found

My that I've rambled on...
#1 If you have an unsuccessful kernel build and want to get back to
   the previous kernel in /netbsd.old ...

   HOW do I do it with the new MBR boot?

#2 Is there some magic key sequence?

#3 Also, is there some way to get the new booter to display the kernel
   startup messages like the old booter did?