Subject: Re: NetBSD 4.0_BETA iso
To: Peter I. Hansen <>
From: Jeff Rizzo <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/07/2006 09:46:40
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Peter I. Hansen wrote:
> Geert Hendrickx wrote:
>> On Thu, Sep 07, 2006 at 04:27:30PM +0200, Peter Ibsen Hansen wrote:
>>> Hello
>>> I was looking for the iso image announced in:
>>> But, it does not seem to be in the mentioned location:
>>> Was it removed for a reason?
>> That build has been auto-pruned in the meanwhile (to save diskspace).
>> There are newer builds available, but without ISO's because those are
>> not
>> created automatically (riz created them manually for his announcement
>> mail).
>> However you can create your own ISO's with mkisofs (from pkgsrc) if yo=
>> download the sets + (for i386) boot-big.fs separately.
> Why not autobuild it, and just have the latest build available? Mirror
> diskspace could be saved by making it a torrent only...

It's not quite so simple.  But I will be creating new NetBSD-4.0_BETA
ISO images later today (hopefully).


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