Subject: Re: Repairing the damage (was Re: History of the NetBSD Foundation)
To: None <>
From: Klaus Heinz <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/06/2006 21:53:28
Stefan Bozhilov wrote:

> It is my opinion that any solution should include
> keeping the current Foundation as a contributor to a
> larger project. Their current work should not be
> underestimated or deranged. I would like to see them
> play the role that Red Hat plays in the Linux world.
> This would be a good starting point.

Maybe I [1] am missing something important, but reading this I perceive
the concept of TNF being some commercial for-profit entity earning tons
of money in whatever way. This is not the case. The only source of money
TNF had that I ever heard of were donations by gracious users.
Now that I am looking at

I see TNF also received some money from Google SoC and a bit through
merchandise via CafePress.

The only purpose of TNF is to be a focal point for those donations and
to serve as a legal entity where this may be useful or even required.
While I do not know the finer details, I suppose the purpose is _very_
similar to that of the FreeBSD foundation

So how could TNF contribute to a larger project? As I see it, without
doing what it does TNF has no purpose to exist at all.

     Klaus Heinz