Subject: Re: The future of NetBSD
To: Timo Schoeler <>
From: Joseph A. Dacuma <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/06/2006 18:19:01
Hi Mr. Schoeler!
> definitely. but on the other hand there's 15 minutes of fame if you
> support a device (using a blob) today -- as others won't support it.

Alirght. Thats your opinion :)

>> I'd rather purchase hardware that will enable me to (ab)use it until it
>> no
>> longer works (MBTF deadend) using either NetBSD or OpenBSD :).
> true, but NetBSD allows blobs.

Interesting. Thanks for the info.  But which devices in particular were
those implemented?  Also, was it officially supported by the NetBSD

If they do or did, does that go against NetBSD's stance on maintaining
clean code? BLOBS will surely make a system un-clean.