Subject: Re: Getting the good bits into NetBSD
To: Timo Schoeler <>
From: Stefan Bozhilov <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/04/2006 17:52:18
--- Timo Schoeler <> wrote:

> thus Dieter spake:
> >> (NetBSD developers not committing code to fix
> bugs in
> >> NetBSD's tree but fixing them in Wasabi's).
> > 
> > This is exactly the type of thing that the GPL
> prohibits.
> yes, but the price is high.
> > And one of the few things that Linux gets right
> that BSD
> > gets wrong.  This is a major reason why Linux gets
> so
> > much more corporate support than BSD.  Company A
> can
> > contribute things to Linux without worrying about
> Company B
> > taking them, adding Company B's ideas and selling
> binaries,
> > but not sharing the source for Company B's ideas
> with Company A.
> but that's not the problem here. that is what makes
> this issue 
> extra-salty. it is about a company influencing a
> foundation.

I would disagree with both of you - the GPL is a dead
end license when applied to a kernel. Linux gets
attention from commercial companies because users
demand a better OS. But the commercial world handles
it with a lot of caution - as one would handle a bomb.
Oh, and the Linux kernel is influenced by the
companies involved with it. The Linux Kernel Mailing
List is a very interesting read. Reiser4 - Nope! ACPI
- Nope! Etc.

> > This also hurts BSD because BSD cannot use any
> source from Linux.
> i'd rather say it saves BSD. but this gets off topic
> too far. please 
> let's focus on the problem here and not bring linux
> into the game...
> > So we have this situation where everyone else can
> take things
> > from BSD, but only rarely does anyone give
> anything back.
> this horse was beaten to death already.
> > And then people wonder why BSD doesn't have any
> features.
> [i wonder which features that linux might have
> (another question than 
> is, do they function well? do they function at a
> certain stability? 
> etc.) that BSD does not have. ISA TV card support in
> a server OS?]
> > Solution: Add the GPL to BSD.
> no.
> as already said, the problem is a different one.
> certainly it's also 
> about the license, but mainly it's about morale. the
> important question 
> is how deeply did corruption spread.
> (corruption is a hard word, but every other
> description of the problem 
> TNF/TNP faces would have been an euphemism.)

Corruption has a clear legal meaning. There is nothing
of the sort here. Personal mistakes have been made and
I don't know enough to pass judgment. I think it's
pointless anyway. I would be interested to hear from
people who want to take the code a proceed in a better
way. Anything else is a waste of time.

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