Subject: Re: Getting the good bits into NetBSD
To: None <>
From: Dieter <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/04/2006 19:33:36
>>> (NetBSD developers not committing code to fix bugs in
>>> NetBSD's tree but fixing them in Wasabi's).
>> This is exactly the type of thing that the GPL prohibits.
> yes, but the price is high.

What price is that?

>> And one of the few things that Linux gets right that BSD
>> gets wrong.  This is a major reason why Linux gets so
>> much more corporate support than BSD.  Company A can
>> contribute things to Linux without worrying about Company B
>> taking them, adding Company B's ideas and selling binaries,
>> but not sharing the source for Company B's ideas with Company A.
> but that's not the problem here.

It is a problem.  We have more than one problem.

> that is what makes this issue
> extra-salty. it is about a company influencing a foundation.

A separate, but likely related, problem.

>> This also hurts BSD because BSD cannot use any source from Linux.
> i'd rather say it saves BSD.

I am not suggesting importing truckloads of crappy Linux code into NetBSD.
But, when people feel they have to use cleanroom techniques to avoid
"GPL contamination", and the cleanroom techniques don't happen, and
therefore BSD doesn't get the feature, it hurts BSD.

If people are forced to run Linux because BSD doesn't have the
feature they require, how does that help BSD?

> [i wonder which features that linux might have (another question than
> is, do they function well? do they function at a certain stability?
> etc.) that BSD does not have. ISA TV card support in a server OS?]

TV tuner support is an excellent example.  What ATSC tuners does NetBSD
support?  None last time I looked.  Linux supports quite a few.

>> Solution: Add the GPL to BSD.
> no.

Do you have a better solution?

> but mainly it's about morale. the important question
> is how deeply did corruption spread.

For NetBSD's morale and reputation, there needs to be not only a
lack of actual corruption, but even the lack of the appearance of
corruption.  To avoid the appearance of corruption, Wasabi and
other corporate sponsors need to support NetBSD going GPL.  
The only reason to not support going GPL is if they are, in
fact, taking and not giving back.