Subject: Re: The NetBSD developers agreement
To: Martin Husemann <>
From: Stefan Bozhilov <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/03/2006 15:35:20
>Martin Husemann <> wrote: A few
>people asked about details of the agreement that
>NetBSD developers
>are required to sign.
>Since there is nothing secret about this contract, we
>have just put up
>the complete, original contract here:
>The only modification in this copy (besides the CVS
>tag) is obfuscation of an
>internal mailing list address (to avoid spam).
>Section III(c) (no disclosure of private information)
>might be slightly 
>irritating (although I personally think it is a
>standard paragraph, I have
>a similar one in my work contract too): this is not
>about hiding the
>secret cabal (there is none), but (a) to make sure
>information on developer
>private mailing lists is respected as such, and (b)
>needed for The NetBSD
>Foundation to be able to sign NDAs with third parties
>(which actually 
>sometimes happens).

I would describe the this agreement as draconian. Its
sole purpose seems to be a complete control over the
poor developers. They cannot say anything (section III
(c)) or show code to anybody (section III (e) 2) if
the Board disapproves it. The entire agreement seems
to be head down. The purpose of the Foundation should
be legal protection of developers NOT legal threats!
Individual developers should sign NDAs and the
Foundation can provide assistance, but it should not
be a side in the agreement. No wonder, the project is
so stagnant. Who would sign off his right to speak up
in return for the privilege to write free code? Who
would agree to be sued for talking (go prove who said
what) in return for the privilege to work late at
night ... for free? And then there is even "a year
after" clause. This agreement is incompatible with any
kind of free or open software development. 

 Best Regards,

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