Subject: Help for advocacy material required
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From: Stefan 'Kaishakunin' Schumacher <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/03/2006 20:14:13
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As some may already know, I refurbished and updated some
of the NetBSD flyers and posters some month ago in cooperation
with Hubert Feyrer, Rainer Brinkm=F6ller and others.=20

The flyers and posters are used as promotion and information=20
material on events, where NetBSD is represented by users and
developers, like LinuxTag, Cebit, Systems, FrOsCon or=20
Chaos Communication Congress in Germany and other Cons all over
the world.

The material created in Feb 2006 is available at:
or via CVS at: htdocs/gallery/advocacy/sschumacher/
There are German and English flyers and posters.

Other and also older flyers and posters are available at:

However, there is one paragraph, that is rather old and needs=20
an update:

Why is NetBSD so special?
Since NetBSD was founded in 1993 as a successor of the BSD-line,=20
it has always been at the forefront
of Open Source operating system development. NetBSD has been the
complete foundation or reference for other projects. Many of NetBSD's=20
advantages are not found in any other open source operating system.

- NetBSD offers support for 55 different hardware platforms and 17 CPU
  architectures. And even more will follow.=20

- POSIX threads implementation based on Scheduler Activations

- Cross compiling of the kernel and userland supported by the
  standard toolchain - build NetBSD almost anywhere, out of the box!

- Kernel events notification framework provides a stateful and efficient=20
  event notification, including socket, file, directory, fifo, pipe, tty=20
  and device changes
- Many security-specific features, including Verified Exec and the
  systrace framework are implemented in the base system.

- Complete source, including the history of the development,
  available via anonymous CVS, rsync, SUP and CVSweb

- Support for various network technologies including ATM, HIPPI, FDDI,=20
  HSSI, IEEE 802.11, Token-Ring, ARCnet and Ethernet (up to 10Gbps!)
- NetBSD was the first open source operating system to support USB, USB2,
  and PCMCIA audio.

- Many subsystems are described in detail in published articles.


Additionally to that article, we are also keen on updating the other
flyers and poster. Therefor I am looking for hints and inspiration
for the update and new flyers:=20

- Why ist NetBSD special?
- Why should one choose NetBSD?
- What advantages has the project?
and so on.=20

If someone has further ideas or work, please let us know, we are also
looking for texts regarding "Embedded Systems" and "pkgsrc", as we are
still lacking a flyer for pkgsrc.

Feel free to use the aforementioned TeX sources to create a new flyer.
If you are not into LaTeX, send me plain text or just some headwords,
I will create the LaTeX version of the flyer or update the existing.

If you are able to translate the flyers into other languages, feel free=20
to do so. If you need help with LaTeX, I can offer help to typeset
russian, ukrainian and japanese texts, and I hope there are other TeXies
at hand for other languages.

I am also looking for further ideas or tipps regarding advocacy and=20
info material for NetBSD, so please send any useful idea to the list.

I am sending this to the netbsd-advocacy@ and netbsd-users@ lists to
attract also those who are not reading the advocacy list.=20
Please follow up to netbsd-advocacy@, thanks.

S. Schumacher
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