Subject: Re: Final plug for extra utilities
To: None <>
From: Denis Lagno <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/03/2006 04:14:10
On 9/1/06 Andy Ruhl scribed:
> Things that get added must meet some or all of these critiera:
> o They must be critical to operation
> o They must provide useful function to a very large number of users
> o They must require less effort to maintain than the benefit they provide
> o They must not need constant updating to remain relevant
> o There must be some consensus that some particular program is the
> correct one among similar programs.
> o There must be some kind of agreement on why the function some
> particular program is better or more relevant than some other (these
> days choosing some program will almost inevitably spark some religious
> battle).
> And probably lots of other stuff.
> My own feeling is that sudo probably meets these criteria.
> If enough people need to get on the internet through ppp, then that
> should be included since there's nothing worse than being stuck
> without the network due to lack of tools. Is userppp really the right
> tool? I don't use ppp, haven't for many, many years now. I'm ignorant
> to this.

I used to connect with pppd to dialup and now I connect with pppd and pptp to vpn of my provider.
So userppp is in no way necessary because its functionality is present in pppd.
OTOH I cannot connect to internet without pptp and it's not present in base system.

> A rudimentary text based browser might be useful, but I think there
> will be too many opinions on what the right one should be. And there
> have been some security concerns with some of them if I remember
> right.

well, I cannot configure my wi-fi access point without java-script:)

-- denis