Subject: Re: The future of NetBSD
To: Gilbert Fernandes <>
From: Larry O'Neill <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/01/2006 11:54:38
On Fri, 1 Sep 2006, Gilbert Fernandes wrote:

> I have a dream.

I have a reality

> A dream of unification.

A reality involving separation

> Having one BSD. Merging the three projects and, why not, keeping
> incompatible stuff as options that would be either one or another.

Having 3 different projects that have very different communities around

> But when you tell yourself that it cannot be done, you don't even
> try it.

It's not ideal, but trying to change it wouldnt be worth the effort

> It would require people to not only do it for the sake of their projects,
> but for the whole BSD people. Even those who really piss you off in
> other projects.

Mixing 3 groups that have such different attitudes would likely be
counter-productive. So many zealots, obsessed fanatics, and stubborn
prople would cause massife clashes if put together. It would probably lead
to an environment that is very difficult to get any progressive
development done in, and scare off potential new recruits from joining the

> Because someday, those projects will live on without us. We'll pass on
> like everyone.

Not guarenteed, but it's a nice thought.

> Am I alone thinking this ?

No, it's not a necessarily bad idea, just an unrealistic one...

> --
> unzip ; strip ; touch ; grep ; find ; finger ; mount ; fsck ; more ;
> yes ; fsck ; umount ; sleep

That should have been "umount; make clean; sleep;"