Subject: Re: wireless internet and NetBSD?
To: Jeremy C. Reed <>
From: John Nemeth <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/25/2006 14:18:40
On Oct 9,  9:57pm, "Jeremy C. Reed" wrote:
} I am researching wireless internet options for NetBSD. This is for 
} something I can use with my laptop when I am traveling in the western 
} United States. (I am not looking for 802.11.)
} I read about EVDO and my friend has told me he has had good experience 
} with Verizon's plans. (But he uses some operating system I care nothing 
} about.) Cards they sell are:
} Novatel (or Merlin?) V620

     I've worked with the CDPD version of this card.  It presented a
serial interface, spoke PPP, and basically just worked (ignoring bugs
in NetBSD at various points).

} Sierra Wireless Aircard 555D (but doesn't support their broadband plan)

     I tried working with the Aircard A555 which is for CDMA 1x.  Never
did get it to work and now the friend for whom I was trying to get it
to work is planning on doing something different.  Anyways, this card
is apparently capable of presenting itself as either a NIC or a serial
card.  Getting it into serial mode is quite tricky, possibly due to my
lack of kernel foo (there is info on how to do it in Linux).  For more
info, see the thread on current-users starting on Sept. 26th, 2004,
with a subject of "Sierra Wireless Aircard 555".

} I think they are all PC Cards (but I see code is for usb umodem so maybe 
} they are USB devices?).

     There are currently some nasty bugs in NetBSD's pcmcia code which
may affect one of more of these cards.

}-- End of excerpt from "Jeremy C. Reed"