Subject: supported h/w raid controllers (SATA or IDE)
To: None <>
From: Carl Brewer <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 04/27/2006 13:51:04
I'm trying to put together a half decent home server with
around 400-500 gig of disk space and some redundancy - I
can get 3 x 300GB IDA or SATA disks quite cheap, or 2 400GB for
quite a bit more... So I think maybe HW RAID5. or raid-Z
if I have a change in tack and look at opensolaris or ZFS gets
ported to NetBSD?  I don't want to take the performance hit on
s/w RAID5, as I'm hoping to run this as a xen server at some point
and want all the CPU I can get if and when I do that.  This will be
going into a desktop style case and will not use SCSI (the disks are
just way too expensive).  If I'm wrong and s/w RAID 5 doesn't suck (my
experience with s/w RAID5 was on an old Sun E450 with 3 x 36GB SCSI
disks running SunOS 5.8 and it was a -dog-) then I'm happy to be
corrected for my false assumption!

Looking through the hardware support pages on the site
there's a bundle of different controllers listed here :

But I don't know which of them is much good, so throw myself
open to the wisdom of the list.  Any suggestions?  What's good
and cheap (I know ...) and easy to get hold of?