Subject: Re: NetBSD Wireless Problem
To: Jon Voris <>
From: Greg Troxel <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 04/23/2006 19:13:58
Your problem appears to be dealign with cards, not that the driver
isn't ok for that card.

Do other cards (of any kind) work?

Your problem seems similar to one I had on a Thinkpad 600E.

man cardbus and see the bit about RBUS_MIN_START.

   Memory space conflicts
     NetBSD maps memory on Cardbus and PCMCIA cards in order to access the
     cards (including reading CIS tuples on PCMCIA cards) and access the
     devices using the RBUS abstraction.  When the mapping does not work, PCM-
     CIA cards are typically ignored on insert, and Cardbus cards are recog-
     nized but nonfunctional.  The location is machine-specific, and the
     default location does not work on all hardware.  On i386, the following
     kernel configuration line, which maps Cardbus space at 512M rather than
     1GB, has been found to make Cardbus support (including PCMCIA attachment
     under a cbb) work on some notebook models, including the IBM Thinkpad
     600E (2645-4AU) and the Compaq ARMADA M700:

     options RBUS_MIN_START="0x20000000"

        Greg Troxel <>