Subject: NetBSD TODO list questions - propolice & scheme
To: None <>
From: Jeffrey A. Edlund <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/18/2006 23:40:59

I was looking through the TODO list at:
and I wanted more information about these two small projects:

+ investigate ProPolice --  I'm wondering what it would take to get
this added to NetBSD.  I compiled NetBSD 2.0 with propolice a while ago
using some of the information from .  I was
able to build a release and even create an install CD that worked on
i386.  I remember that I had to ignore some warnings to get it to work
and it looks like Robert has updated the information since then so I
was going to try patching NetBSD 3.0.  It seems like it would be great
to get this into the standard distribution.  What's holding it up?  Are
we waiting until gcc 4.x is finalized?

+ add a native scheme interpreter -- I was wondering what was the goal
of this project.  There are already a number of scheme interpreters in
pkgsrc. Was there an interest in using scheme during install or
configuration?  If that was the case, then I was wondering if Lua has
been considered.  I believe that it has a compatible license and it's
small size makes it easy to audit.  

I know that OpenBSD ships with perl and I think that freeBSD does as
well. If we wanted to use such a large language, my own preference
would be for Python, but I understand that people use NetBSD a lot in
embedded environments so we might want to keep such things out of the
base system.  (However I do think that there are a few things that the
project could do to make things a bit more friendly for sysadmins.)  

Thanks.  I don't want to start flame wars, I'd like to help, so please
just let me know if my understanding of things is incorrect.