Subject: supported 3.3V PCI cards (sound and TV)
To: None <>
From: Emmanuel Dreyfus <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 02/11/2006 14:09:12

I have two soekris 4801 that feature a 3.3V PCI slot. I'd like to use a
sound card in one and a TV card (with the brooktree chip, which is AFAIK
the only one supported by NetBSD) in the other. It's difficult to find
the appropriate cards, as the vendors don't tell if their hardware use
5V or 3.3V signaling.=20

What 3.3V PCI sound card supported by NetBSD are available?=20
Is there any brooktree-based 3.3V PCI card on the market? Any 3.3V TV
card (with any chip, not only brooktree) at all? =20

And, if someone knows, why is there two signaling standards (5V PCI and
3.3V PCI)? Is it just to make my life more complicated?

Emmanuel Dreyfus
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