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Date: 02/09/2006 18:42:01
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I wanted to send this to the list for those that are having problems
with your Sharp UM32W laptops. Here is a possible fix.



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i thot it seemed a bit more than just static - i could get it fairly=20
consistently - more like a current than just static electricity to be=20
honest, if i left my elbow on the laptop and on any earth, i found i could=
feel the 'shock' almost constantly :(

i'm pretty sure it was a screw which was causing a short across the=20
motherboard/graphics card - either way, i masked up virtually all the screw=
holes and the entire motherboard (just to be sure and i've had no trouble=
with mine at all!

it might just be me, but i'm also pretty sure my battery lasts longer (i=20
used it for a LONG time today (i usually get <1 hour out of it, and i used=
it for over an hour today and i still have some charge left (fairly=20
intensive too - extracting zip files and games - worms armageddon!).

other than that, (and the crashing stopping) its not powered down once and=
i've never seen the capslock+numlock or numlock+scrolllock blinking at all =
i had the gfx card bug out once, but it was using some very old software -=
which also caused a similar problem on my desktop (VPU recover saved the=20
desktop tho).

also, jsut to be clear - i removed several screws and didnt replace them (a=
i had no way of insulating them, i currently have arond 20 screws from=20
inside it which i removed (laptop still functions perfectly, and it doesnt=
rattle or anything, just minimal number of screws (none from base of laptop=
(going from outside to inside) are in use atm tho.

also, be sure to insulate the metal cover which conceals the mini-pci devic=
(lan/wifi) as this could short out.

seriously hope this helps someone out there!

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