Subject: Re: KDE pkg install
To: Marc Coevoet <>
From: Brian Asemi <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 02/01/2006 06:16:45
Marc Coevoet wrote:
> Looks like I am going trough the dependency tree ..
> Instead of making KDEbase, it would be better do upgrade all/some 
> packages installed ?
> I'll have to learn to work with updating the dependency tree (there 
> should be a command), bu now the machine is already 6 hours busy 
> compiling, without erors, I'll have KDE soon now..

I actually had a similar ordeal just yesterday when trying to compile 
balsa2 from pkgsrc.  I went through libgnomeui, libgnome, libbonoboui, 
libbonobo, and a few others I can't remember, pkg_delete -f'ing them all 
and make reinstall'ing them.  at one point I just ran a make upate on 
one of the higher-up deps in hopes that it would upgrade everything that 
it depended on.  This worked, but somehow ended up rebuilding GIMP as 
well (?).  This is probably a misunderstanding on my part of how to use 
make upate.

I'm not sure how it could be applied to update individual packages, or 
dependency trees, but an article posted on the #NetBSD Community Blog a 
couple of days ago goes over different ways to keep pkgs up-to-date, and 
the usage of lintpkgsrc (pkglint) and pkgdepgraph.

Hope some of this helps, and I wasn't just rambling to myself :).